ITCC Scoring Information

The ITCC rules also include instructions for scoring each event. These guidelines are reviewed annually during the rules review period and updated to reflect any rules changes or scoring adjustments. In addition, ITCC Head Scorer and the Rules Committee provide a scoring program and score sheets for use by organizations following the ITCC rules to run a tree climbing competition.

The most current scoring information can always be found at this location.

The scoring program is divided in to a men's and women's program. Please be sure to download both versions when preparing for competition scoring. A detailed Users' Guide is provided and should be reviewed before using the program.

ITCC Scoring Program - Men Updated-4.27.15 (Microsoft Excel Required)

ITCC Scoring Program - Women Updated-4.27.15 (Microsoft Excel Required)

ITCC Scoring Program Users' Guide

ITCC Score Sheets Updated-4.27.15

If you have questions regarding scoring, email ITCC.

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